Queensland – Brisbane & Surroundings

glass house mountains

Brisbane and Surroundings 

Before r&r there were two more important things on my to do list. The first one was buying a drone to be able to take areal photos. My son recommend to go to the leading electronics store in Australia, JB HI-FI. Half an hour later I became a proud new owner of a DJI Phantom 4 pro. The second thing was getting my wind shield fixed. Fortunately the mechanic thought it didn’t need to be replaced completely. It only took half an hour to repair the little crack.


The first drone test flight

I spend a weekend in Toowomba, 130km West of Brisbane. There I explored the nearby Crows Nest National Park. A very beautiful spot, but all the water falls were dried out due to the dry summer here…

Toowoomba - Crows Nest toowoomba


Up to Sunshine Coast

Due to the lack of time caused by the early containerization of the landcruiser, I only had time for one more tour after that. I went up to the Sunshine coast to check out the gladd house mountains. The glass house mountains are 12 volcanic mountains in an otherwise rather flat area, about 70km North of Brisbane. The views were incredible!

glasshouse mountains glasshouse mountains

The southernmost city along the Sunshine Coast Caloundra and Bribie Island gave me a good opportunity to practice flying with my new toy and to take some pictures. Noosa, situated a Little further North offers beautiful beaches and a lot of national parks. This part of Australia is really worth going to. The Sunshine Coast offers quite a stable climate year round with lots of water sports activities and plenty of hiking trails in the parks.

drone drone test

Sightseeing in Brisbane

After the landcruiser was off to Russia on the container ship, there was still some time to do some sightseeing in Brisbane. Most of the sights, the cultural and culinary highlights are situated downtown left and right of the Brisbane River.  Just like most big cities Brisbane (2.2mio) is growing upwards and slowly all the old buildings are disappearing from the city image.  CDB is dominated by skyscrapers.  Beautiful new ones out of glass and steel and rather ugly ones out of concrete from the previous decades. It’s quite nice overall, Little parks every where, the botanic garden near the university. There is even a large public pool on South Bank with a sandy beach – and it’s free.

brisbane brisbane

Downtown is quite nice at night time too:

brisbane night brisbane night

Time to say goodbye Australia – the South Pacific awaits! 🙂


Cheers, Rüdiger

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