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What is the best way to show myRoutes? Right, with maps. So I’ve included these next to the stories here. It’s a bit complicated technically, because many systems have different geodata encoding – but it works!

So when I’m on the road, you can use this page to track exactly where I am. Then my GPS tracker is online and updates my position every five minutes. So you can follow me almost in real time 🙂 You can find all my experiences from my travels on my blog.

I’m currently at home in Germany, and that’s why the tracker doesn’t run, of course. That’s why the map below doesn’t show current data, but my road trip from Australia to Germany in 2018.

Online Tracking – sometimes much better than its reputation!

Online Tracking is actually a great thing when traveling. At least if you don’t take an all-inclusive holiday in one place by the sea or in the mountains. But on a hike trip or traveling by bike, motorbike, car or motorhome.

On the one hand you can tell your friends your current location. Even in areas where there is no mobile phone coverage. Because the tracker does not send its signals via the cell phone network but via satellite. Secondly, it is also a certain security for yourself. Because every good tracker also has an emergency call button. In this way, you can inform those who stayed at home about an emergency …

And finally you can have a close look at your route after the trip. And link it with photos, videos and memories. What kind of device I had with me, how much it costs and how it all works, I’ll write about that in my blog soon.

myRoutes: Road trip Australia – Germany 2018

Because this map actually only serves as a placeholder for (future) online-tracking, I don’t want to say anything else about the road trip at this point. Details can be found on the subpage Roadtrip 2018.

Just a technical note: If you want to look at single data points on the map, just click AU-DE Roadtrip ➡ Adjustments. Here you can increase the number of displayed data points from the preset 1% up to 100%. After clicking on ‘Update Map’ you should be able to see the details. But be careful: The more data points are displayed, the longer it takes to load the map. And the GPS tracker recorded a data point every 5 minutes, that’s 12 per hour, in 10 hours about 120 and over 25.000 in 234 days…

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