Brisbane and Surroundings  Before r&r there were two more important things on my to do list. The first one was buying a drone to be able to take areal photos. My son recommend to go to the leading electronics store in Australia, JB HI-FI. Half an hour later I became a proud new owner of a DJI Phantom 4 pro. The second thing was getting my wind shield fixed. Fortunately the mechanic thought it didn’t… Read More

I was asked several times which route I was actually planning to take to drive the landcruiser back. The planning process wasn’t that simple regarding visa issues, entering foreign soil with your own vehicle and numerous other governmental regulations. That’s why it took a bit longer to come up with the route. But now it’s time to finally share my route from Australia to Germany with you. Original Idea Originally I wanted… Read More

Goodbye Deutschland on April 11th 2018 – it only took 20 hours to reach the other end of the world. At first a 6h flight from Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi and one hour later I boarded the 14h flight to Australia. To-dos in Brisbane Fortunately, jet lag wasn’t a problem this time around, so I could start working on my to-do list the next day. The most important item on that list:… Read More

Rock’n’Roll in the Wilderness: Deep Rivers, Steep Rocks and Faded Trails Today it’s possible to use the Northern or Southern Bypass Roads from Bramwell Junction to Bamaga and Cape York. It’s not a sealed road yet, but it will be by the end of 2020. It’s not a proper 4×4 track, though. Since we were looking for the next adventure, we went with the Old Telegraph Track (OTT, 120km) instead. Back in… Read More

The start of our trip to Cape York is Cairns. From there we drove about 70km north to Port Douglas along the shore of the Pacific. The view of the mountains of the national parks in the area and the sea was incredible. Due to the extreme gas prices in the outback (about twice the regular price) we filled up our tank and stocked up on groceries. We stored kangaroo steaks, sausages,… Read More

Cape York: The northernmost point of continental Australia. Of course you could – for the right budget – fly from Cairns to Bamaga and get on a more or less comfortable bus to get to the tip (as the Australians say). However, you wouldn’t have experienced Cape York in that case. Cape York has miles and miles of corrugated roads, or, if you don’t feel like driving on those, plenty of 4×4… Read More

After telling you a little more about the idea of this road trip ➡ here, I would now like to introduce my car from Australia to Germany a little more. So far I’ve had to listen to quite a few comments about my wheels. “Your car will never make it across India”, “either the car will die, Rüdiger will die, or Rüdiger will die in that car” were just a few of… Read More

Driving from Australia to Germany – is that even possible? Cairns in Northeastern Australia and Frankfurt/Main are roughly 14,712km apart. Linear distance. The driving distance is most likely longer, depending on the chosen route. I’m estimating around 20,000km if I stick to the southern route. “How did you come up with that?” was one of the friendlier comments I got when I told the first people about my plan. Some others merely… Read More