Who is actually writing here?

Here’s what ruedi-retyres.com is all about! Nice that you ended up on my blog! Who is actually writing here? I’m Rüdiger from Germany. Here you can find stories, pictures and information about people, countries and cities on my roadtrip from Australia to Germany by car in 2018. Who knows, maybe you plan to explore these countries with your own car. For that you will get one or the other tips as well.

Roadtrip Australia-Germany – Pensioner Goes Adventure

When my adventure started, I was 65 years old. After 35 years in the office of a large German corporation, I swapped my desk in an air-conditioned office for a car and a tent in Asia at the beginning of my retirement. Why and how this road trip came about can be found in one of my posts.

“I’m off” has always been my motto

Who is actually writing here? Ruedi in the rice terrasses Banaue/Philippines 1986

My God, how young I was that time!
Backpacking trip through the Philippines 1986

Also when I was young, I’ve traveled quite a bit too. And often by car. At the beginning, as a student, on an adventurous transfer of a truck from Germany to Syria 1975. There are a few old pictures of this story in one of my posts. Later then across Europe and especially several times in Portugal for camping.
With the beginning of professional life, travelling changed. Although I was now travelling much more often than when I was a student. But mostly only for business purposes by plane. Especially short-haul flights in Europe were’nt really funny. Boarding in the morning at seven a.m. in Frankfurt. Back again there in the evening at nine p.m. You don’t really get to know a country and its people that way. Rather only the airports, taxis, hotels and conference rooms. I also traveled a lot during the two, three or, in exceptional cases, four weeks of annual leave. Preferably in Asia and Australia, but also in North and South America, Africa and the Caribbean.

Traveling with my son

Who is actually writing here? Ruedi on a bike tour in Kyoto/Japan 2015

Cycling tour through Kyoto/Japan 2015

When my son grew up, we used to go on holidays together. In the beginning to Switzerland, to the Canary Islands or to Egypt. Later on we went to China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. But also on road trips: From Chicago via Denver to the Canadian border and then over to Vancouver and Seattle. Or from San Francisco via Las Vegas and the Death Valley in Nevada to the Grand Canyon in Arizona and from there back to Los Angeles. And on a round trip through Florida we have been as well.

We both especially love being in Hong Kong. We must have visited this great city five times together. And actually we wanted to go there again now (end of March 2020). Unfortunately so far, because of Covid-19, nothing has come of it yet. But, how do they say, postponed is not cancelled. Well, and from Honkong it’s not that far to Australia.

On to Australia

Sydney and Cairns I showed my son in 2013. We really wanted to experience the New Year’s Eve fireworks at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Old Coat Hanger. I knew this great country and its lovely people from many holidays since 1984. But I’ve never been there in midsummer (!).

The secret national anthem of Australia: I am, you are, we are Australian
Lyrics: Bruce Woodley ‘The Seekers’/Dobe Newton ‘The Bushwackers’, music Bruce Woodley

And obviously I have also awakened his great love for the country on this trip. In any case, after graduating from high school he decided to go there for a work&travel stay. Because at that time there was no apprenticeship position for his desired career (pilot). One year turned into two. And he would have loved to stay there forever. Unfortunately the Australian immigration laws do not allow this. And – to be honest: I would rather spend the rest of my life there than here in Europe! But unfortunately I too get not a permanent residence Permit due to my age. Unless I would deposit $AUS 750.000 into a fund, which would then cover the costs of illness, infirmity and home care. Anyway – we love this country … ❤

Standig with my son at the most Northern Point of the Australian continen. Cape York 2017

Standig with my son at the Tip 2017

And a cool offroad-trip 2017

Before his work&travel stay came to an end, my son invited me on a very unusual adventure vacation in Australia. On a three-week off-road tour to Cape York, the northeastern tropical tip of the continent. This tour was the reason why he would later like to have the car in Germany. You can find the whole story in my first blog posts.

“Yes I Can”

Who is actually writing here? Ruedi in Iguazu/Brazil 2019

Iguazu/Brazil 2019

After this I flew back to Germany because I had still to work for the next half year. And he also had to return to Germany shortly after our Cape York tour. With a stopover for diving in Bali and a visit to friends in South Africa smile emoticon . He left his car in a parking garage at the airport in Brisbane. I should be able to make it back to Germany half a year later. And that’s what I did in 2018. I drove all the way from Australia back to Germany – on my own. With my son’s car, a Toyota Landcruiser VDJ76R, which he bought there.

Driving a car through quite a few countries is a bit more challenging. But I remembered my first roadtrips during my studies. And came to the conclusion that this is the perfect first project for my retirement. Because I never had a fear of driving a car and traveling alone in foreign countries. Not until today. And I have also no fear of accidents, illnesses, robberies and other inconveniences. I think if someone has such worries, it’s better not to leave Germany or other developed countries with a one-way ticket and without a tour group.

Incomprehension by some colleagues, enthusiasm by others

About me. With car and a tent to the Algarve/Portugal 1987

With my car and a tent trough France, Spain and Portugal to the Algarve 1987

Many of my older colleagues did’nt really understand my intentions and attitudes. I was encouraged to move on to other safe retirement projects after all. For example, growing roses, building a model train (I would love to do that!) or collecting stamps. In any case, I should not get involved in such a “daring plan”. However, I’ve never been really good at following other people’s suggestions. I always made my own decisions and realized my projects 😊 My younger colleagues, on the other hand, thought it was a fantastic and adventurous idea and envied me for it!

Now you have to decide which group you want to belong to. Anyway, I’m happy to see you here and I’ll take you on my road trip with me. And I would appreciate your comments and thoughts about my website and the contributions. Sign up for the newsletter at the top of the page. And don’t miss a post!

And also follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Of course you should also like to write if something doesn’t work on this website! I have only been familiar with this CMS (Content Management System) for a few weeks now and it may very well be that there are still some issues at one point or another on my website…

Cheers or – Hooroo mate, see ya soon! As they say in Australia


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