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Here’s what ruedi-retyres.com is all about…

Hello mates!

Very nice to see you here on my blog.

I’m Ruediger, I’m from Germany originally and I’m 65. After working for a large German corporation for 40 years I will trade in my desk for a car and a tent in Asia. Many of my older colleagues don’t really get that. They suggested I get involved in other retirement projects, such as breeding roses or collecting stamps. However, I was never really good at following other peoples’ suggestions. So I came up with this project here – driving my son’s car, a Toyota land cruiser, back all the way from Australia to Germany. My younger colleagues thought this was a fantastic and adventurous idea.

Ruediger Adventure

Over the years I’ve traveled quite a bit. This time I wanted to do something really different and not just take the plane everywhere I go. Anyone can travel by plane. Driving a car across quite a few countries is somewhat of a bigger challenge, so I thought this would be the perfect first project for my retirement.

I’m really happy to see you all here and take you with me on my journey and I’m looking forward to all your comments and feedback. Don’t forget to subscribe and to also check out my ➡ Instagram and ➡ Facebook Page.


Cheers, Ruediger

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