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Great that you ended up here on my website.

From Australia to Germany by car

It’s all about travelling here – more precisely, about a road trip from Australia to Germany in 2018. Across Asia, the Caucasus and south-east Europe. In total 25,547 km on the road – alone. As a start to my life as a pensioner, so to speak.

And it is also about the story before this trip. How did the idea come about in the first place? This you can find out on the pages about my 2017 off-road adventure in Australia.

Maybe there will be more travel experiences later on, when hopefully you can travel again without any restrictions.

Why have you waited until now to write?

You will now say that my adventure was a bit long ago already. That’s right and actually I wanted to write this blog while I was driving. But I noticed very quickly that there was no time for that in everyday life. That’s why I concentrated on Instagram and Facebook back then. A picture is quickly uploaded there. This was my first experience on the trip: Travelling alone you have to stay at the same place for a while every two or three days to update your blog as well. Or you don’t travel alone, but together with a friend or in a group, so that the different tasks can be shared.

Last year then, the car registration in Germany and a video of the road trip on YouTube were important for me. The whole video is available on my YouTube channel.

Here is a short clip: Australia – Germany in a Toyota Landcruiser 2018 – in only one minute 😉

Since my return, I have been contacted several times by people who also want to travel overland from Australia to Europe. They really wish such a website, also with some ideas and tips for this trip. Therefore: Here we go… In the next months I will publish my stories bit by bit.

Let me take you on the longest journey of my life

On a road trip with a Toyota Landcruiser from Brisbane, QLD, Australia to Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany.

And if you want to follow my adventures and experiences – stay tuned! Follow me here on my blog and of course also on Instagram and Facebook.

Enjoy surfing my pages and see you soon!


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